The aim

With the aim to enlarge involvement of national research teams in international partnerships, the “WHO IS WHO” Database is designed to present the prominent Belarusian researchers with a significant experience in international cooperation and assist you getting in touch with them.


How are the prominent researchers identified?

Actually, registration in the database is free. Anyone who considers him/herself an experienced researcher that means, in particular:

o   has sufficient research potential in his/her field of science as reflected in international and national scientific publications or patents or other outcome;

o   has capacity to implement joint research projects with foreign organizations (has participated in international research projects or is prepared to participate in the future). This includes communication skills of scientists in English;

o   even if not yet active in the research cooperation with foreign partners, has unique regional research expertise and/or use unique research infrastructure (specific equipment for research or databases/library/archives) that are of interest to potential foreign partners


However, as a first step an offer to register in the “WHO IS WHO” will be forwarded to the leaders and members of research teams which took part in projects within FP6/FP7, ISTC, INTAS, TACIS, COST, NATO, etc., as well as in bi-lateral R&D projects co-funded by Belarusian party since 2000. 


How to register?

In order to register, you should fill in a profile and submit it. A model profile may help you.

Be aware, you are fully responsible for information presented in your profile. Administrator of the web-site has the right to edit information in order to present in the best possible way before approval. A profile becomes searchable only upon the approval of the Administrator. In the case, the content of a profile doesn’t coincide with the purpose of “WHO IS WHO” the Administrator has the right to delete it.


How to find potential partners in Belarus using “WHO IS WHO”?

You can search by area of research activity and/or type of organization, or just search by alphabet to obtain optimum results for your specific focus. We wish you luck!