IncoNet Eastern Partnership STI Policy Stakeholders Conference on Energy Minsk, 12-13 October 2015


On October 12-13, 2015, Minsk hosted the Policy Stakeholders Conference on the European Union — Eastern Partnership Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation in addressing Energy, one of the major events within the EU project “Science, Technology and Innovation  Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries” (IncoNet EaP). The project's objective is to increase dialogue between the EU and EaP countries in science, technology and innovation (STI) policies in three societal challenges, namely: climate change and natural resources, energy and health.

 The Conference brought together 128 experts. They represented 81 organizations from 15 European countries, including 6 EaP ones: Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Moldova, Poland, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Ukraine,  a number of internationalorganizations (organizations of the UN familythe Central European Initiativethe Energy Charter, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), as well as from the European Commission andthe European energy-related technological and innovation platforms.

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You can find below for your further information:
 — Agenda and List of Participants
 — Presentations

SESSION I: International Policies, Initiatives and Programmes on Energy
1. Important energy research related issues at the EU level, Karina Firkaviciute
2. The Role of the EaP Panel in Promoting Research and Innovation in the EaP Countries, Zygmunt Krasinski
3. A
chieving a sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure through increased support for south-south cooperation, Adam Rogers
4. Best Policy Practices for Promoting Energy Efficiency in the UNECE Region, Oleg Dzioubinski
5. Energy Efficiency Policies in EU-Eastern Partnership countries, Steivan Defilla
6. Energy Efficiency Act of Austria, DI Gabriele Brandl
7. EBRD Initiatives and Programmes for Power&Energy Sector, Olga Ieriomina
8. KIC Inno Energy — An European Platform for Innovation in Energy, Robert Gohla
9. Support for Advanced Biofuels Stakeholders, Peter Canciani
10. Geothermal District Heating in Iceland,
Baldur Pétursson

SESSION II: The IncoNet EaP Project and good practice examples of projects and studies involving the EaP countries
Panel I: Presentations of projects focusing on energy
1. Bibliometric Analysis of EU-EaP joint publications in Energy, Hanna Scheck
2. Presentation on Twinning Grants, Hendrik Meurs
3. Synergies between various EU-Instruments related to the energy issues, Piotr Swiatek
4. Turkish renewable energy vision 2023 and Applied technological research activities of TUBITAK MRC Energy Institute, Alper Sarioglan
5. Smart Energy Carriers for Smart Energy Technologies: Potential for EU-EaP Co-operation, George Skevis

Panel II: Presentations of EaP countries on energy
1. Low renewable energy and energy efficiency in Azerbaijan, Aydin Huseynov
2. Using Geothermal Deposits of Georgia As Renewable Energy Source, George Melikadze
3. Increasing role of civil society in local energy policies, Dmytro Sakaliuk
4. Current state of affairs in the area of Renewable Energy Development in Armenia, Artak Hambarian
5. UNDP projects on increasing the energy efficiency of Belarus economy, Alexandre Grebenkov
6. Implementation of the state policies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the Republic of Moldova, Denis Tumuruc

SESSION III: The way forward
1. Introduction of the INNOVER-EAST project by Katalin Kurucz
2. Introduction of the ener2i project by Gorazd Weiss
3. County reports on energy, Zsuzsanna Angyal, Renáta Jaksa

1. Results from Session IHendrik Meurs
2. Results from Session I (continued)Oguz Ozkan
3. Results from Session II: Panel IMariam Keburia
4. Results from Session II: Panel IITigran Arzymanyan
5. Results from Session III: Moderated DiscussionsHanna Scheck