CEI Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology completed in Minsk

On October 26, 2017, the Central European Initiative Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology “Biotechnology for Healthy and Active Life in the CEI Region” was held in Minsk, Belarus. It was organized by the State Committee on Science and Technologies of Belarus with the support from the National Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus within the framework of Belarus Presidency in CEI.

The Conference has brought together participants from 12 CEI countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine and Belarus), as well as the CEI Secretariat and the European Commission. The CEI members were represented by ministers, their deputies and / or heads of departments responsible for research, innovation, health and biotechnology, parliamentarians, heads of R&D centers, universities and industrial companies, prominent scientists, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Belarus, etc. In total, over 80 participants took part in the event.

Within the framework of the Conference, they have exchanged information and opinions on the current state and prospects for R&D activities in the field of biotechnology. A number of proposals were discussed on possible topics and formats of cooperation. Apart from that, some specific project ideas for the CEI region have been proposed using both the tools of this organization, research and innovation programs of the European Union, and the bilateral schemes for supporting international S&T cooperation that link individual member states.

The event made it possible to promote Belarus potential in biotechnology and increase the recognition of the country in Europe as a partner for joint research, technology and innovation projects in this field.

The participants of the conference stressed the interest in expanding international cooperation on the subject of the event and emphasized the effectiveness of scientific diplomacy for preservation of peace and economic development in the wider Europe.






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List of Participants (BY, foreign)


Vladimir SEMASHKO — Welcome address;

Alexander SHUMILIN — Welcome address;

Margot KLESTIL-LOEFFLER — Welcome address;

Vyachaslau SHYLA  — Welcome address;

Emilia KOLOMIETS — State-of-the Art and Development Prospects of Biotechnological Industry in Republic of Belarus;

Yuri MIKITSKI — Science and technology park “BELBIOGRAD”;

Olga NACHTMANNOVA — Current State of Biomedicine and Biotechnology in Slovakia;

Gyula SZIGETI — The National Research, Developmentand Innovation Office of Hungary and its RDI Programmes in the Fields of Biotechnology and Health;

Ferenc MAROFKA — HORIZON 2020 Work Programme for Research and Innovation;

Olga MEEROVSKAYA  — The EaP PLUS Project and its instruments to support cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation in CEI region;

Alessandro LOMBARDO — CEI mechanisms supporting regional cooperation;

Marcin RYNKOWSKI — International cooperation in the field of fair and affordable pricing of medicinal products;

Lyudmila DUBOVSKAYA —  Molecular and cell technologies for medicine and agriculture: experience of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in international cooperation;

Yauheni SHLIAHTUNOU — International cooperation of NatiVita JLLC in research and production innovations;

Erika HALAŠOVÁ — Biomedical Center Martin – successes and challenges within European Research Area;

Vadim SENTCHOUK — Biotechnology of drugs from human blood plasma and prospects for cooperation within the CEI region;

Vasyl FILANYUK  — Preventive maintenance of microbial biotechnologies;