Workshop “Commercializing scientific research and developments”, 6-7 February 2012, Minsk

On 6-7 February 2012 a Workshop “Commercializing scientific research and developments” is going to be held in Misnk. It’s organized upon the request of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus by Directorate-GeneralEnlargement of the European Commission using the TAIEX instrument.

TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument managed by the Directorate-General Enlargement of the European Commission. TAIEX supports partner countries with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation. It is largely demand driven and facilitates the delivery of appropriate tailor-made expertise to address issues at short notice.

Being one of the neighboring countries covered by ENPI, Belarus benefits from TAIEX assistance. The beneficiaries of TAIEX assistance includes those sectors, both public and private, who have a role to play in the beneficiary countries in the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation or in the case of the countries, in deepening economic and political cooperation by sharing the experience gained during the enlargement process.

Venue: “Viktoria” Hotel, 59 Pobediteley ave., Minsk

Participation is limited. Only preliminary registered experts who received invitation from the European commission are invited.  


Agenda of the Workshop 


  • BelISA
  • IncrEAST