International scientific meeting on Metabolic Syndrome: Experiment, Clinics and Therapy, October 23–25, 2013

The program will include the following symposia:

Symposium1. Relationships among the main components of the metabolic syndrome

Workshop 1. Insulin resistance hyperglycemia, impairments of carbohydrate metabolism as a component of the metabolic syndrome: mechanisms of development, diagnostics and treatment

Workshop 2. Obesity and its role in development of the metabolic syndrome:  diagnostics and treatment

Workshop 3. Metabolic syndrome as a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases and their complications

Workshop 4. Damages of liver and pancreas in patients with the metabolic syndrome

Symposium 2. Pathogenetic mechanisms of the metabolic syndrome

Workshop 5. Molecular-genetic aspects of the metabolic syndrome

Workshop 6. Neuroendocrine system, neurohormonal regulation, stress: metabolic syndrome

Workshop 7. Function of human brown adipose tissue, thermogenesis

Symposium 3. Metabolic syndrome as a factor of early ageing in humans

Workshop 8. Mechanisms of ageing and the role of the metabolic syndrome

Workshop 9. Metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents

Symposium 4  Novel technologies in prevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome

Workshop 10. Novel biologically active additives and medicines for prevention and correction of metabolic syndrome manifestations

Workshop 11. Innovation technologies in metabolic syndrome: experimental models and diagnostics.

Workshop 12. Current problems in healthy nutrition: role of vitamins and trace elements : metabolic syndrome.

Special symposium

Workshop 12. Young researchers in research into the metabolic syndrome (students, undergraduates and post-graduates). 


1. Novel pharmaceuticals in prevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome: exhibition of products of Belarusian and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Conference venue

Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds

Bulvar Leninskogo Komsomola, 50

Grodno 230030
Telephone/fax: (375-152) 43412,
telephone (375-152) 480097
Working languages: Belarusian, Russian, English

The meeting will include plenary sessions, workshops poster presentations, symposia, a competition for young researchers and exhibitions.

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